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Colorful Lives, Bright Spring Kelly McCarthy

March 01, 2021

Meet my friend, Kelly McCarthy.  In the years since we met I have expanded my color analysis business while Kelly established a personal styling business with Cabi, a speciality clothing brand that offers in home styling sessions for individuals and groups of women. Kelly and I synergistically believe in the mantra “When women look good, they feel good, and when they feel good, they do good”.  We both strive to help our clients feel confident and beautiful.
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Colorful Lives,  Bright Winter Danielle Raymo

Colorful Lives, Bright Winter Danielle Raymo

February 05, 2021

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Danielle Raymo.  After analyzing her colors several years ago, I have enjoyed observing her slowly introduce Bright Winter colors into her life. Her personality and style are subtle.  Wearing bold colors wasn't appealing at first, except with lip color.  After learning she was a Bright Winter, she started with the very important first steps.
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Colorful Clothing Brings Harmony to Inauguration 2021

Colorful Clothing Brings Harmony to Inauguration 2021

January 21, 2021

Color is important and Inauguration Day 2021 illustrated in living color how effective it can be to convey a clear and dramatic message.  It was a gorgeous color-soaked event.  Each of the key female figures looked stunning in their color and style choice.  This brought a balanced, harmonious unified look to the “whole”. The monochromatic scheme was dramatic and effective.  The clothing and color suited their role and reflected their unique personality styles.
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