Personal Color Analysis Wholesale Products

Indigo Tones is an innovator and industry leader in providing the highest quality personal color analysis services and products to individual clients as well as colleagues in the personal color analysis business.  All products have been carefully created and selected to harmonize with any 12 seasonal tone personal color analysis system.  Custom packages for the scale, budget and needs of color analysis colleagues can be created. 


Each of the cosmetics in the Indigo Tones line has been carefully selected and formulated to compliment the 12 seasonal tones. This makes color and product selection for your clients simpler and saves exceptional amounts of time and money while ensuring that unique coloring and natural beauty are enhanced.

The botanically infused, pure mineral cosmetics are free of harsh toxins and chemicals. They come recommended by triple-board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeons.Combined with their strong ‘green’ appeal, these cosmetics have the power to transform ordinary or overdone into natural and exceptional.

The collection offers a full line of lipsticks and lip-glosses, pressed and loose mineral powders, liquid foundations and concealers, eye shadows and liners. Indigo Tones offers cosmetics that you can be proud to sell to your own clients.

12 Season Personal Color Swatch Books

The Indigo Tones Personal Color Plume© is a luminous fabric color swatch book of 60 harmonious colors organized in a fan. It is the ultimate tool for color harmony in personal color analysis. Each seasonal tone swatch book includes a color range from every color family: reds, blues, greens, purples, grays, whites, and yellows, as well as metallics. The high level of color accuracy and unique texture makes matching colors to clothing so easy.

Color Analysis Test Drapes

Carefully selected, high quality drapes are the key to an accurate personal color analysis. Each set has been created from the complete collection of fabric previously owned by Kathryn Kalisz. Each drape is approximately 30” x 18” and has a stitched edging and double-bonded, nickel grommet.