Colorful Lives, Dark Winter Gia Pauldine

December 03, 2023 7 min read

Colorful Lives, Dark Winter Gia Pauldine

It is my pleasure to introduce you to this month’s Dark Winter feature, eyebrow, skincare and permanent hair removal expert, Gia Pauldine. Gia was one of my first clients when I began my color analysis business nearly 20 years ago. It was around that time that she also founded her business, Restoration Electrolysis, LLC

Gia was easy to analyze. Her deep brown hair worked well with black and dark brown neutrals that were then and still are so easy to shop for.  A few pops of rich reds, deep greens and purples and she was good to go for many years.  When she decided to go gray more recently and wondered how to incorporate it with her clothing choices, we had the pleasure of reconnecting and working on her wardrobe and closet. I was amazed at how gorgeous her skin looked and she introduced me to some of the skin revitalization services she offers now including light therapy. Learn more about her unique, wholistic eyebrow makeovers and skincare maintenance to the process she went through in letting her hair go naturally from a dark brown to a multi-hued gray and how it impacted her clothing choices. 

Eyebrows! They have always fascinated me, and I've noticed how pivotal they are to a woman's beauty. That’s how Restoration Electrolysis, LLC, began 20 years ago. I knew I didn’t want to remain in pharmaceutical sales but wished to pursue my own business.  I found inexplicable joy shaping my siblings and other's eyebrows!  What confirmed this career change, was a young lady at the front desk of my gym asking me “Would you make my eyebrows look like yours?”My mind was made up, It was eyebrows!

As a satisfied recipient of the life changing results of electrolysis which permanently shaped my own brows, I decided to pursue an electrolysis license concurrently with an aesthetics license. I wanted to provide the same benefits to my future clients. They too could save untold time & money!  

I am dedicated to bringing out my client’s unique beauty and wholeness. The goal is to boost confidence by increasing the skin's vitality in a holistic way. I help my clients look and feel “RESTORED”. 

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine in her electrolysis studio

I noticed that color choices either complete the face or divide/scatter it. Color is an integral part of the finished package! My entire life, I've been intrigued by color, as friends and family members will gladly attest! Simply saying the word or seeing color, lights up my eyes! 

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine in her colors and gray car

 I witness how others are impacted by color. Intuitively, we know that color is important in our lives. Once we begin to see and understand how it affects how we see ourselves in the mirror, and how others see us, we can’t ignore it’s impact.

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine with husband in her sparkly dress
It was some 20 years ago that I had my first color analysis with Kerry and her then-business-partner-cousin, Julie. I learned I was a Dark Winter and that my natural coloring characteristics were Cool, Bright & DARK. This connected the dots for me. It made my LOVE for color more meaningful because color now worked for me!  

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine with colored brown hair

I was a natural dark brunette beginning to have my hair colored to cover up the gray. As a “Dark”, the colors I wear are dark and it feels very balanced to keep my hair dark so it was a long time before I considered going full gray. 

Gia Ricelli Pauldine Dark Winter Before and After

A few years ago, I humorously threatened my hair-dresser that one of these days, I was going natural with my hair color and stop adding the dark brunette color.  After trying some gray wigs with my hubby, I said, “no" to transitioning my hair color with wigs!  Instead, I adventurously grew out my natural hair “cold turkey". It was fun! What color would it truly be? There were a few less attractive moments, but having naturally curly hair made it easier.  And, oh how liberated I felt.  But what about my colors? Surely they wouldn't still be the same?  Or would they? 

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine in Creative dress and gray hair

Our seasonal color palette doesn’t change as we transition to our natural gray hair but the way we wear them might! 

I contacted Kerry and we agreed that it would be a great time for me to come back for a Color Refresher. It turns out that I was incorrect and my color palette wasn’t going to change with me letting my hair grow into its natural gray. That color is also represented in my seasonal tone harmony and is right there on my swatch book. But it has become really clear that wearing the exact colors on my swatch is more important than ever and the really dark, heavier colors that I used to wear more successfully needed to lighten up a bit to balance my lighter hair. So I ventured into some of the other colors on my swatch book. I had Kerry come over and do a closet clean out and we eliminated some of the colors that were actually Bright Winter and much too saturated for me as well as some other clothes that were too light and more like summer colors. I felt relieved!! My closet was simple and streamlined and full of only those items that suit my creative style and coloring.

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine in her closet with a Indigo Tones Color Swatch Book

I was eager to see what, if anything had changed regarding what colors now worked best for me. The exercise was invaluable as I had thought I would be more of a Bright Winter, however, it became clear that I was a Dark Winter. I like that Kerry not only makes available lipsticks and eyeshadows to further punctuate my color palette, but also offers a clothing exchange!  Since our first meeting 20 years ago, I saw how the experience she gained gave her a deeper understanding of her craft. It was immediately reflected in her comments, and the advice she gave me during the refresher!

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine in Blackwatch Plaid Scarf and Mittens

What challenges do you have in wearing your colors?

Dark Winter selections can be especially tricky in the warmer summer months… I used to wear a lot of white and now, white is no longer desirable on me! As I purchase more Dark Winter ensembles, I enjoy looking in the mirror and walking out the door more!  The complementary responses received, whether verbal or through behavior are proof positive! Since then, I have carried the swatches with me, making better personal attire choices which have spared me from unflattering choices as well as wasted dollars! 

I was eager to see what, if anything had changed with my colors. The exercise was invaluable, as I had thought I would be more of a bright winter, however, it became clear that I was a dark winter. I like how Kerry not only makes available lipsticks and eyeshadows to further punctuate my color palette, but also offers a clothing exchange!  Since our first meeting 20 years ago, I saw how the experience she gained gave her a deeper understanding of her craft. It was immediately reflected in her comments, and the advice she gave me during the refresher!

I prefer having my closet organized split in two - summer and winter. It’s much easier for me to narrow down my choices according to the weather. Then, I like to see my clothes are arranged by type and shape. For example, long-sleeved turtlenecks, long-sleeved button-down shirts, long-sleeved crewnecks. Next would be short-sleeved tops, broken down in a similar manner. Lastly, sleeveless by color. I continue this arrangement with bottoms: longest pants, shorter pants, bermudas, then mid-thighs. Likewise with skirts; it’s a soothing way to walk into my closet and see an organized flow.

What are your favorite outfits? I tend to be on the creative side and  prefer completed outfits from hats to shirts to gloves to boots. I like unusual clothing, fabulous fabrics, patterns, artistic unique designs on the clothing, whether it’s embroidery or simply the yarn or fabric used.Creative Dark Winter Clothing items

Tell me what it’s like getting dressed. The great thing about my job is that I dress for comfort because I am sitting and need to be able to move easily around my clients faces/bodies. I cannot emphasize enough how delightful it is to select my mix-and-match uniform. Tops and bottoms with  the right color combinations…Essentially interchangeable! It’s a breeze because the guesswork has been removed

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine with her swatch book and outfits

Tell me more about your approach to an eyebrow makeover:

I provide ‘perfect shaping’ with the Eyebrow Makeover!! This includes waxing, tweezing and trimming. Color is then applied where the client does not grow eyebrows. As I illustrate color application to one eyebrow. My clients does the other. Clients leave with the brush, application colors, and instructions to practice at home. In most cases, once the client is proficient, she will spend less than a minute with each eyebrow. Nothing else enhances facial geometry so beautifully!

Restoration Electrolysis Eyebrow Makeover Before and After I’ve learned that our natural hair color at every age is our best color. Eyebrows do not have to perfectly match head hair, however, the natural aging process, optimizes eyebrow and head hair complementation. When my hair was dark brown, I would mix dark brown with black when applying needed eyebrow color. Now that my hair is naturally gray and eyebrows matte black, the eyebrow color enhancement in black is optimal. Brown no longer works. When working with clients with colored hair, it is crucial to understand their natural skin tones and eye color, as well as their hair color. Since so many people color their hair, this balance can get thrown off easily.

With over 1000 successful eyebrow makeovers under my belt, I can confidently say that nothing compares to the moment when I hand over the mirror to my clients and their eyes light up with joy. The transformation is truly remarkable, as it not only enhances their femininity, but also refines their features and makes them look more youthful. If you're looking to boost your confidence and achieve a stunning new look, an eyebrow makeover might just be the perfect solution for you.

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine in her studio

As I watched how make-up aged women more than it beautified them, I wanted to offer truly cell-restoring and rejuvenating anti-aging services.  Enter light therapy and micro-current!  Giving my clients the power to restore their skin at home in between treatments at my office, I now offer FDA-cleared light therapy devices for purchase.  The glowing reviews of how skin looks, feels and functions follow the real cellular activity below the skin. Safe, efficacious affordable!  

Hand-in-hand with the complete face-framing power of the eyebrow, my client can age gracefully without regular injections, while most importantly, looking uniquely herself! Less is more. Healthy skin is glowing skin… Blood flow and oxygenated cells, proper cleansing, exfoliating and safely rebuilding collagen and elastin, thereby building and firming the architectural struts of the skin, she will have more useful looking and acting skin.

Dark Winter Gia Pauldine Close up of eyebrows and skin

The best make up is healthy skin!  This is what Restoration Electrolysis has been all about since 2004! 

One thousand + eyebrow makeovers later, from 10-year-old girls to 90 year old+ women, I am writing a book showing how you can have your best eyebrows throughout your life! Not an encyclopedia or coffee table book history of eyebrows over the years, but a compact invaluable collection of guidance, tips, & even warnings. I plan to have it published in 2024 and available for pre-order and purchase. This will be a life-changing gift for young and more mature alike, regardless of how many eyebrows you have, or don’t have!  To preorder the book, email:

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