Colorful Lives, Soft Summer Kara R

August 02, 2022 3 min read

Indigo Tones Colorful Lives Blog feature Soft Summer Kara R

It has been a whirlwind since Soft Summer Kara came to a class I taught on the science involved in Personal Color Analysis this past spring. She immediately booked a color consultation and hit the ground running with a concerted effort to create a professional wardrobe in spite of unique challenges.

Kara is the Director of Security Strategic Initiatives for a large financial institution and needs to dress in a more neutral, reserved and traditional way.  

Much of the more structured, detailed classic attire in her industry is too overwhelming for her petite frame and preferred natural style. She wanted to stay within a budget but was willing to invest in the initial color analysis consultation, a capsule wardrobe package and a personal shopping trip with me.

Read more about her strategic approach to getting her wardrobe updated to suit her soft coloring, profession, natural style and petite shape.

What prompted you to have a color analysis? 
I was in an absolute panic. I started a new position before Covid and had my first work trip coming up. After two years in sweatpants, I had no idea what I was going to wear. I hated shopping and defaulted to black frumpy clothes because that was my image of what I was supposed to wear in the corporate world. I always felt like I was playing dress up in someone else’s closet and I felt like a fake.    Shopping for Soft Summer colors with an Indigo Tones Swatch book

How has it changed your life?  
Fate intervened when I attended an information session at the local library and met Kerry. She was so warm and energetic and I was impressed with the extent of her knowledge and how much research she had put into understanding color and style. I am also happy that her line of cosmetics is cruelty free and made here in the US. 

I also decided to do the Capsule Wardrobe Package with Andrea Bonawitz.  She helped me figure out my body shape and showed me the styles that would flatter my frame, and the keywords to look for when shopping on-line. Who knew something as simple as tucking a shirt in could drastically change the way an outfit looks? We also went over how to pack for a work trip, and I’m happy to say I was able to fit a full week of work clothes into a carry-on with room to spare! 

In what ways has it changed the way you approach shopping? 
In the past I would “panic buy” before a work trip because I hated everything in my closet and felt like nothing matched. I’m embarrassed at the number of things in my closet that still have the tags on them!! I reached out to Kerry for a little extra help on how to actually shop and pull outfits together and I am so glad I did!    

Soft Summer shopping with an personal color fan

I suggested we meet at Goodwill for 2 reasons. 1- I wanted a wide range of colors and styles to look at and try on, and 2- I didn’t want to break the bank shopping.  It was hard to break out of my old habits, but I decided to trust Kerry and at least try on the things she suggested and WOW!!!!!  I ended up buying 40 items and only spent $225!!   

Personal Color Consultant Kerry Jones shopping with a Soft Summer color swatch with her client at Goodwill

After shopping with Kerry, I finally had clothes that were appropriate for the corporate environment and fit my frame and style perfectly. 

It was exciting to see Kara's eyes light up when she saw herself in more fitted feminine styles, rather than the boxy, bulky more masculine things she was used to gravitating to. That day, I left Goodwill and went to Marshalls to make a return. The first thing that caught my eye was the perfect dress for Kara. Now that I knew her perfect colors and style and shape I was certain this blue dress with a little cap sleeve and a fitted waistline for $12 would be perfect for her and it was.  She loved it!

Blue Soft Summer dress purchased for $12 at Marshalls What has been the biggest challenge? 

Getting the red tones out of my hair. I always thought red would make my eyes pop more, but after seeing myself in pictures, I realize how brassy it looks. While wearing a shirt in my color pallet I pulled my hair into a ponytail and was amazed at how much brighter my eyes looked!   

What has been the biggest success? 
I used to hide behind my keyboard and never talked in meetings. It was to the point I would rather instant message the person next to me instead of speaking up. On this trip I felt so confident I took a seat in the middle of the table and actively participated!  

I fully attribute my success at a week of workshops to feeling confident in my clothes!

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