Personal Color Analysis Swatch Books

The Indigo Tones Personal Color Plume© is a luminous fabric color swatch book of 60 harmonious colors organized in a fan.  It is the ultimate tool for color harmony in personal color analysis, interior design, fashion design, painting, jewelry design, quilting, and anyone seeking color harmony in their lives!

Each seasonal tone swatch book includes a color range from every color family: reds, blues, greens, purples, grays, whites, and yellows, as well as metallics. The high level of color accuracy and unique texture makes matching colors to clothing, fabric, fiber, beads, metals, paper, and more so easy!

The Indigo Tones swatch plume palettes have been esthetically beautiful right from the start. How beautiful is actually quite surprising once you really see them. I wrote about them once before. Not only are they lovely to own, they are a highly diversified way of teaching us about our natural colouring.

Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints

Hello Kerry. Just a quick note to let you know my colour swatch has arrived, and I am absolutely delighted with it....really special to have a fabric swatch whose colour seems to alter slightly with movement and angle in a 3D way just like real clothes and fabrics. Love the metallics too! Many thanks.”


I love, love, love the new color swatch book!

Joan, Victor, NY

I adore my beautiful swatch book pretty! I'll be taking it to the UK to spread some Indigo Tones beauty around the world. Can't wait to grow my swatch book plume collection!

Reba, New Zealand

Kerry I just received my Dark Autumn swatch book. The colors are amazing! Anyone serious about understanding their season should invest in these swatches. As a tool, they are an outstanding investment!”


Just a quick note to let you know my colour swatch book has arrived, and I'm absolutely delighted with it...really special to have a fabric swatch with colour that seems to alter slightly with movement and angle in a 3D way - just like real clothers and fabrics. Love the metallics too! Many thanks.

Alisoun, Surrey, UK

I just got my color swatch book, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Danielle, Spencerport, NY

Your color swatches are just amazing, a real treasure!


Kerry, the plumes are absolutely stunning! I thank you so much. By the way, I believe those beautiful plumes are responsible for finally getting my gentleman friend interested in this subject! Sincerely and grateful.


Hi Kerry, I recently purchased the plume for Bright Winter and I just have to tell you how much I love it! I've been teaching myself about color analysis but I was having trouble getting the magic to happen until I went shopping with your swatch book...I immediately found half a dozen perfect matches and everything suddenly began falling into place.”