Colorful Lives, Light Summer Lorraine Bohonos

May 28, 2022 2 min read

Indigo Tones Blog Colorful Lives Lorraine Bohonos for June Light Summer at Highland Park Lilac Festival

I was so inspired when I met professional organizer, Light Summer Lorraine Bohonos. Lorraine immediately embraced her colors and revamped her entire wardrobe following her color analysis. It is not surprising given her passion for simple, streamlined living and the philosophies she promotes with the organizing business she founded, Home Free.

With an artist’s eye and true belief that your environment affects how you live, Lorraine works with each client to create the most useful, organized and beautiful space for them to thrive. She provides her clients many benefits through the work she does with them, but the most coveted are more time, more energy and less stress.

Read more about how Lorraine's color analysis has influenced her life and business. And take a peak at all her gorgeous Light Summer Sara Silvio jewelry!

Home Free Organizing feature for Light Summer blog profile for June

A few of my clients had worked with Kerry and raved about her! 

I am an artist and professional organizer so I love color and need order. In my personal and professional life, I strive to make all areas as efficient as possible and I realized that I was taking too long to get ready in the morning. I was really drawn to color analysis for the simple fact that once I was able to build my wardrobe and accessories from a specific color group, putting together outfits that look great and compliment my style would be quick and easy.

One of the bonuses in getting my colors done is I realized that I needed to wear less make-up when wearing the right colors. I used to wear a lot of red and black clothing and I was getting so washed out that I needed to compensate with heavy makeup. (my closet before)

Lorraine Bohonos Light Summer Closet Edit Before Another  bonus is how calm my closets and drawers look, it feels like I am shopping in a boutique designed for me! I now love looking at my closet! It is small but efficient! I can see all I have for a current season and I really enjoy the cohesiveness of it all. 

Lorraine Bohonos Light Summer Closet Edit After

After my color analysis I shop way less. As someone who loves stuff but also easily gets overwhelmed, it helped me focus and it eliminated a lot of options that were not right for me. I also use this system in other areas of my life, for example any luggage or travel related items I buy must be in blue and purples hues, linens in neutral tones, and kitchen and serving dishes in white, blue or gray.  

As a true believer of less is more, I have shared with my clients the importance it has had in my life. I now wear all the clothing in my closet as before I was only wearing about 15% on a regular basis. Any system to help me speed up decision making and do it with confidence is worth its weight in gold. 

Working with Kerry has been such a great experience, not only has she helped me, she has also helped make my mom’s, sister’s and many of my client’s lives so much better!

For help organizing your space, contact Lorraine Bohonos at Home Free

(585) 545-1515

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