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March 01, 2021 3 min read

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Kelly McCarthy.  Kelly and I first met over ten years ago when she came as a guest to my book club.  We quickly learned that we had much in common.  In addition to our mutual love of books and reading, we were both heavily involved in volunteer activities in our children's school district and the Rochester community. We are also both alumni of Syracuse University and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters. Kelly and another friend came in for a color analysis shortly thereafter and we have been enjoying our collaboration with colorful clothing ever since.  

In the years since we met, I have expanded and evolved my color analysis business while Kelly established a personal styling business with Cabi, a speciality clothing brand that offers in home styling sessions for individuals and groups of women in person and now virtually. Kelly and I synergistically believe in the mantra “When women look good, they feel good, and when they feel good, they do good”.  We both strive to help our clients feel confident and beautiful.   

I asked Kelly to share how her personal color analysis has impacted her life and her work.  

Wearing the right colors is life changing! I am a Bright Spring and my colors are bright and vibrant, no pastels or muted colors here. How can wearing these colors change my life you ask? 

For years (prior to my color analysis) I had a love/hate relationship with the crisp white shirt or blouse hanging in my closet. It was perhaps the one piece that I always had but rarely wore. I would put it on and would almost always take it off in favor of something else. I never understood this until I had my color analysis with Kerry. I loved the look of that clean white shirt. BUT, that color was not right for me!  I intuitively knew that white shirt didn’t look right on me but now I understood why. My best neutral is an eggshell or off white. It is the best color for my skin tone and I have since added many pieces to my closet and wear them more confidently than I could have imagined in the default black. 

I am a personal stylist with Cabi, a clothing company that was founded by women for women 19 years ago. Cabi believes that clothes can change lives by giving women the opportunity to build profitable businesses, wear clothes that are designed to give them confidence and by sharing their success with women in need all over the world through the Heart of Cabi Foundation

Understanding personal color harmony helps me to know those items in the Cabi line that will look best on me and therefore reflect the Cabi brand best.  When I wear those pieces I feel great and people notice.  Others want to know where I found the clothing, how I pulled it together and they want to do the same for themselves.  I no longer purchase pieces that sit in my closet unused because they aren't quite right for me. I'm willing to spend a bit more on something that is right that I will wear over and over. My clients will do the same when we find the perfect compliment to their coloring, style and size. 

Because I learned in my color analysis that a Bright Spring can wear contrasting bold colors successfully and that bright shiny fabrics work, I am now brave enough to try strong color blocks or more colorful chunky necklaces. I can also confidently help my clients who know their colors try things they might not have considered.  I love when I have a group of women together and we personalize their looks based on the individual. They experience looking unique and at their best at the same time. 

Utilizing all that I know about the Bright Spring season combined with Cabi’s attention to detail in maintaining a consistent color palette from season to season has made it so much easier for me to build a curated designer closet over time. It is the ultimate in mixing and matching opportunities. Making getting dressed every day not only easy but FUN!

Dressed in my bright spring colors in Cabi, I am ready to conquer anything. And, WOW the compliments that come are a natural by product of that confidence and inner beauty shining through. My friendship with Kerry is synergistic and so too are our businesses, making us a an empowered match. 

View the current Cabi collectionand follow Kelly on Instagram @cabibykelly or join her private Facebook group cabibykelly for more styling ideas.  

If you would like to continue reading about the Bright Spring journey, please check out the 2020 featured Bright Spring, Rebecca Leclair.  

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