Light Cool Beige for Cool Winter and Cool Summer.

Botanically based featuring extracts of green tea, calendula, chamomile, cornflower, linden and St. Johns Wort. This smoothing and protecting coverage works for all skin types. It is oil-free, hypoallergenic, and paraben free. 42.3 ml/1.43 oz 

Comes in a state of the art airless pump bottle.  There is no straw needed to dispense the foundation meaning that no chemicals are needed for preservation and it will last longer.  This system allows the maximum use and minimum waste each time pumped.  At first, the bottle will need to be shaken and tapped upside down to get the pump going.

Not tested on animals, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, talc-free, paraben-free and non-GMO.

Made in USA

"I was at my dermatologist the other day and she was in awe at how well my makeup looked and covered my face."  Cathy, Texas

"I cannot believe how little I need once I have the right foundation and colors for liners, shadow and brows. I love that I look more natural and less made up." Deb, Rochester, NY