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Indigo Tones Colorful Lives Blog Bright Winter Deb French

My life brightened significantly when I met Bright Winter, Deb French! She uniquely blends her passions for movement and the natural world with her work as a dance and yoga instructor and as co-owner of Pack, Paddle, Ski - an adventure travel business, specializing in personalized trips and unique experiences.  

Kerry Jones of Indigo Tones with Bright Winter Deb French and Bright Spring Betsy Simpson Utah 2014

I have had the pleasure of joining Deb on several trips - from hiking the national parks in Utah to horse back riding and snorkeling in Costa Rica. Her cheerful, upbeat, "can do" attitude was most welcome last autumn when she was my first guest in the travel van and we encountered some challenges along the journey. Traveling light with a small bag of complementary clothing all in my colors is extremely important when on trips with such a variety of weather, activities and experiences. 


Kerry Jones of Indigo Tones with Deb French in travel color analysis van

Deb personifies all that is Bright Winter. Her deep coloring and radiant smile are enhanced by her bright, colorful personality.  She is swirling with energy and vitality and enters every situation like a breath of sunshine after a long winters gloom. When she wears bold vibrant colors in a "color block" it resonates with the energy she brings to the activity.  It would be impossible to overwhelm her with too much color. Like other Bright Winters, she is enhanced in wearing them and makes the colors more dynamic. 

Read more about Deb and the way she has combined her passions and her unique perspective on the colorful world we live in.

Kerry has been a “bright“ spot in my life for over a decade. When I first met her I was drawn to her style and colorful presence. In learning about Indigo Tones, her personal color analysis business I was intrigued and inspired to discover more. It made sense!! 

I am a Bright Winter - bold and bright and infused with energy. My color swatch book unfolds into a rainbow of beautiful colors. When I wear them, I am full of energy and feel more able to project that to others. Upon discovering the Bright Winter colors during my color analysis, it clicked with me why those colors translate and have influenced so many aspects of my life. At first, it was a challenge to find some of the colors that matched my natural clothing style and lifestyle as active and outdoor wear is often earthy and muted created to blend in to the environment. I now see the wide variety of colors and textures in all the seasons and have added the bolder colors and use black and darker brown as a favorite neutral. 

As a world traveler and guide, a dance educator, choreographer, and yoga instructor, it is people, places, and connections that fuel my soul and energize me. 

Indigo Tones Blog Colorful Lives Blog featuring Adventure enthusiast Bright Winter Deb French

From the colorful landscapes that surround us, to the colorful palate we ingest, to the colors that we project to the world through our wardrobe, color is an integral part of who we are. Color is flowing energy.  It is not stagnant. The rich blend of color and energy influences, guides, and inspires us with positivity and clarity.

My travels have helped to heighten my awareness of the tapestry of color in nature, people, culture, and food all around the world.  My eyes, my heart, and my spirit are drawn to this connection. I want to touch, smell, and taste all of the rich bold experiences awaiting me in every new place. Not only have I been able to experience these myself but I loved sharing in the joy of the fellow travelers awakening connection to the world. 

Deb French in yoga pose on world travelsBright Winter Deb French in yoga pose on world travels

This has also inspired my choreographic and yoga work. Color infuses any project with a creative spark. I spend months planning a dance performance considering the music, the colors, the textures, the fabrics and the mood so it is harmonious and flows. 

The Chakras and their corresponding colors and elements are a natural way to connect to our internal energy and the world around us. I try to teach outdoors as much as possible in order to connect more deeply to that energy. 

Pack Paddle Ski is an outdoor adventure travel company. To learn more about the trips, projects, and adventures they offer go

Deb&Flow is Deb’s personal yoga and movement business. To find out more information about classes and offerings contact deb


Adjunct Dance Faculty SUNY Geneseo

Yoga instructor: Shakti Yoga, Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, Geneseo , Livonia, Honeoye Schools 

Community Dance programs Zumba and fitness.

Outdoor yoga and dance classes spring , summer , and fall at various locations.

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September 28, 2022

Love all the colors Deb and Kerri bring to the world.

Betsy Simpson
Betsy Simpson

March 29, 2022

Deb French is an amazing burst of energy that shows in all that she does! I agree that the colors enhance her presence!

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