Comparison: 12-Season Indigo Tones Color Analysis vs 4-season House of Colour Analysis

July 25, 2023 4 min read

12 Season Color Analyst Kerry Jones with Cool Summer Danielle Burton holding Indigo Tones and House of Colour Swatch Books

While doing color analysis in Boston in June, I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Burton and giving her a 12-Season Color Analysis Consultation. Danielle had recently experienced a 4-Season Color Analysis with a House of Colour consultant and was told she was a Winter. I was skeptical that she was any type of Winter (in the 12 season system, there are actually 3 Winters - Dark Winter, Cool Winter and Bright Winter). Her light eyes, natural lighter and soft brownish hair and skin tone were much more consistent with my clients who fall into the lighter seasons, especially Summer. 

Since her hair had been highlighted, we covered it with a neutral gray cap to do the testing portion of the analysis, ensuring that the lighter color did not sway the results of the analysis. It was clear from the beginning that Danielle was responding more harmoniously to the cool tones even some of the lighter Cool Winter drapes which was consistent with her 4 season color analysis.

But, while she contrasted with any drapes that were dark and bright, she was softened and balanced by the lighter cool tones, particularly Summer.  The dark colors brought out shadows under her eyes and the brighter colors overwhelmed her and brought attention to themselves. The warm tones turned her completely yellow so we steered clear of those. In the end, she looked lovely and perfectly harmonious in the Cool Summer colors!  

12 Season Color Analysis testing with dark drapes

Enjoy reading more about Danielle’s experience with both systems and her reaction to her diagnosis as a Cool Summer:

I first learned of color theory through my friend Rachel, who was a client and close family friend to Kerry. I was so inspired by Rachel’s color-nosis that I couldn’t wait to try it for myself and for my Mother as a Mother’s Day gift. Instead of waiting a couple months to meet with Kerry in Boston, I visited a local House of Color expert to have our colors done. We both had a great time, visibly saw the differenced colors made on our skin, hair and eyes. It wasn’t until a few weeks later did I meet Kerry in person and proudly proclaimed myself to be a winter. Immediately Kerry knew that I was not a winter, but somewhere more likely in the spring or summer season.

 Bright Spring Rachel Wambach with Indigo Tones swatch bookCool Summer Danielle Burton with Indigo Tones swatch book

 Now having gone through the color analysis process twice, I can confidently say that I am a Cool Summer. My experiences with House of Color and Indigo Tones had many similarities but striking differences.

Indigo Tones 12 season personal color analysis chart

Both color experts spent time educating me about color theory, what the 4 different seasons meant and the difference between blue vs yellow undertones. With House of Colour, once determining that I had blue undertones, we then progressed to see if I was a Winter or Summer. This is where House of Color matched me to be a winter instead of summer. The process of winter vs summer we flew through 36 drapes of Winter vs 36 drapes of Summer. From there we compared each drape between winter or summer, for myself, most of the drapes pulled winter, so I was a winter. From there, we determined my top 10 best winter colors out of the 36 drapes. Once that was complete we moved onto makeup and sampled many different foundations, blush, lipstick and mascara options.


Cool Summer Danielle Burton in too bright a lip color

In the moment, I was thrilled to be a winter, but was a bit surprised by how dark my palette was and thought that my lipstick shades were a bit too dramatic for my fair hair and eyes.

Color consultation with test hand boardsColor Analysis consultation with Kerry Jones

My experience with Kerry and Indigo Tones was very different. Once we determined that I have a blue undertone, we then discussed the differences between the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and the 3 subcategories of each (Bright Spring, Warm Spring, Light Spring, Cool Summer, Light Summer, Soft Summer, Warm Autumn, Dark Autumn, Soft Autumn, Cool Winter, Bright Winter and Dark Winter).

Color Consultant Kerry Jones of Indigo Tones using test drapes on client Danielle Burton

House of Color never mentioned that there were actually 12 color categories, only 4. I was shocked to learn that I hadn’t been identified as a Cool, Bright or Dark Winter, our color analysis never once mentioned it!

With my fair skin, blue eyes and bleached ash blonde hair, Kerry couldn’t see me as a Winter at all, let alone a Cool or Bright Winter. We set to work comparing Bright Spring, Light Summer and Cool Summer. It was pretty tricky, as I looked really nice in a few shades of each, but when it came down to it, I was a Cool Summer.

Color Consultant Kerry Jones with Cool Summer Danielle Burton 

Kerry was so precise, knowledgeable, and caring, she wouldn’t let me leave until we were 110% certain that I was correctly matched. Kerry and I went through makeup, which shades of foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, mascara and virtually any other product I apply, we moved onto my personal style.

Indigo Tones lipstick samples

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that most people fall into one personality dress style. These include Classic, Creative, Romantic, Natural, and Dramatic. This was never discussed with House of Colour but would have been a complimentary discussion. Kerry and I discussed my personal style and decided I was creative. Once I had that final piece of the puzzle, it all clicked. Creative Cool Summer!

While I had a great experience at House of Colour, I do think they are missing out on a ton of research and color science by not including the 12 seasons and variants. The added layer of cool vs bright vs dark was a huge difference for me and really solidified which category I best fit.

Danielle Burton in Winter drapes from House of ColourDanielle Burton in Indigo Tones Cool Summer colors

Thank you, Kerry, for finding my true color, I am so excited to wear my color just in time for my season -cool summer July!

Danielle Burton in Cool Summer Colors

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