Hi Kerry, I want to thank you again for taking the time to go shopping with my boys. They are very happy with the choices you picked out for them. They are going to look so great at the wedding! We couldn't have done it without you! They really enjoyed having their colors done. Wearing the right colors really makes a difference on how someone looks! For me, maybe even a little more importantly, it has given me confidence in myself that I have been lacking for over twenty years. I know I have always loved bold colors, but now I feel as though I have been given permission to open up and be free with the colors I love! It's been a freeing experience. The one thing I dreaded every morning for the last twenty years is getting dressed in the morning. Going in my closet full of clothes and not having anything to wear. There was probably 80% of my clothes that I did not wear. In the last few years I have given well over a dozen of huge garbage bags of clothes away. I have never had a closet that I can go into and be able to wear everything in it! I now go in my closet and grab something to wear for the day and look decent! Since I have been wearing "my colors" I have been getting so many compliments! I also had some good luck shopping yesterday. Having the color swatch makes my shopping experience so much easier, and in the end will definitely save me some money. My husband and I both got complimented today on how well we looked in our new clothes! I am so glad you made that switch in your career! I'm sure you have helped many people! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Teresa, Victor NY

Hi Kerry, It was a dream come true to finally meet you in person. I love, love, love my Light Spring colors!!! I should have flown to NY to see you years ago. Almost every cosmetic salesperson had me in the wrong foundation, wrong lipstick, wrong everything. I was so totally confused I could not even pick out nail polish with confidence. I can't thank you enough for my consultation. Not only did you show me which colors to wear but how to apply make up for my season. It was so different than everyone in the cosmetic industry had shown me. When I saw my family recently they could hardly believe the transformation. I am so happy to finally have it right from my clothes, accessories, jewelry, hair, and makeup and have you to thank.

I hope you realize what a gift you have in being able to see even the slight differences in color variances. You have made a tremendous difference in my life and it was truly a blessing to meet you. Thank you again for all your time, talent and patience as you took me through this process and I wish you all the best in the future. I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Catherine, Georgia

Hi Kerry, I just wanted to rave a little about my experience with Indigo Tones. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I never really considered color too deeply when buying clothes, typically going with the basic colors most guys go for - blacks, blues, white and browns. By the time we finished, I got it! That night, I wore a red polo and black jeans based on the analysis you gave me. I can't tell you how much attention I received. Even friends said that I looked great. Had I cut my hair? Gone tanning? Lost weight? I told them about Indigo Tones, explaining the process. I went out the next day with the swatches you gave me for a cool winter and bought a summer wardrobe based on that. What a magnificent difference! Everyone needs to hear about this - especially guys - because we don't think too deep about it and believe me, some of us really need some help! Thank you!

John, Teacher, Rochester, NY


Enhance Natural Beauty

I don't think the compliments have stopped - almost EVERY day someone stops me! It’s GREAT!

Kim, Administrator, Rochester, NY

Thank you Kerry! The day after having my colors done I walked into work wearing “my colors” and received 3 compliments before I even reached my desk. I told everyone that I had just been to you for a color consultation and the response was, “well she sure got it right!” The consultation refined my color palette as well as opened my mind to some new ideas I hadn’t considered before. It was a pleasure!

Tammy, Teacher, Pittsford, NY

Since I had my color analysis and have purchased some clothing items in the "right" colors, every time I wear one of them I've had at least one person (and usually more than one) compliment me on how nice the color looks. It really makes a difference. It's a must do!

Ellie, Albany, NY

Hi Kerry, Here is my experience with the difference that wearing the right colors makes. After a few nights of little sleep I was really running on empty. I stumbled into work in an outfit entirely in "my" colors. The first person I saw - followed by several others during the day - exclaimed over how "rested" and "happy" I looked! Not bad.

Heather, Human Resources Executive, Rochester, NY

I had to tell you! The lipstick you gave me I’ve been using that the last couple of days. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten. Not that anyone said they liked my lipstick but six different people have said something to me – a couple people said my eyes looked great (asked me if I had colored contacts) another person asked me if my hair was different and someone even said I looked beautiful. I couldn’t figure out what I had done and then I realized it was the lipstick. Anyway, thanks, I’ve had a couple of really good days.

Lorraine, Administrator, Rochester, NY

Hi Kerry, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my analysis you was! I have gotten so many complements, but mostly I feel like ME when I look in the mirror. It’s been so much fun walking into stores and honing in on the styles and colors that are right for me. Faster, too ;)

Lori, Jeweler, Rochester, NY


Wear Color Confidently

I can’t take my eyes off myself

Husna, Syracuse NY     

Kerry, I just can't thank you enough for all your advice. I found the perfect bathing suit and I'm actually enjoying shopping for the first time, now that I have a better sense of my style preferences and colors. I have received COUNTLESS complements on my makeup and overall look, and I just feel like I'm on top of the world! I'm telling anyone who will listen to RUN to Indigo Tones for a color analysis!

Bridget, Rochester, NY

A week after getting my colors done I planned ahead for a trip and coordinated my shirt color and the rest of my clothing based on your recommendations. As I was boarding the plane a flight attendant complemented my outfit and asked me if I would take her shopping! I've never had a situation happen like that before but I'd welcome it any time. Since I had my colors done I was appointed to a position where I frequently have to do public speaking, make appearances before large audiences, and appear on television. Not only do I always get more compliments, I just feel more confident putting myself out there in public knowing I look my best.

Deborah, Housing Executive, New York, NY

Hello Kerry, I can truly tell you that it works, because just after the first couple of days applying what I learned, I received lots and lots of compliments. It was amazing what a difference the right colors worn along with the make-up tips made. Once again, thank you so very much for making such a difference in my life!

Alisa, Administrator, Rochester, NY

Save Time & Money

This was truly one of the best investments I have made that I wish I had done years ago. Not only saving me money from buying things I will not wear but also saving me time while enriching my wardrobe with the styles and colors that work. If I had done this years ago, the investment for having my colors done pales in comparison to those items in my closet I am removing that didn’t work. Item by item the dollars are adding up!

Toni, St Louis, MO

Kerry, Yesterday morning, with the aid of my color plume and better understanding of my natural style, I went through my entire wardrobe, It felt so good, was very easy and quick I felt so confident about what I was removing and what I was keeping!!! I'm already having much more fun and feeling more comfortable selecting outfits. And your makeup consultation was revolutionary. A simple and surprising change of color has an astonishing result. I'm so glad you express yourself and share of your talent and expertise through your remarkable business, Indigo Tones. It was the best two hours I could have invested in myself!


Hi Kerry, I am absolutely loving playing with my new colors! I pulled out all the non-matching colors out of my wardrobe and went on a short but exciting shopping spree for a few things. What a wonderful experience to be so focused in the stores and actually enjoy the experience! The analysis is life altering for me! This is going to save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money. I cannot thank you enough.

Jessie, MA

Hi Kerry! I am so excited that I just had to share with you! It was so easy to shop after learning about what looks good on me! Felt like I looked ten years younger and 15 pounds lighter! Sweet! Sill lovin' the lipstick! Thanks for a great time. I learned a lot!

Colleen, Administrator, Livonia, NY

Hi Kerry! Honestly, working with you has changed everything! I can’t believe I didn’t have this information earlier. You have saved me so much time, hassle, and money by simplifying what makes me look good naturally. I cannot thank you enough!

Now I’m on a journey finding things that flatter my body type, setting up a “uniform”, considering a capsule wardrobe, and still developing my style. It’s been a real eye-opener! Thank you SO much!

Katie, Rochester, NY


Shop Smarter

I thought long and hard before I went for my color. This was money well spent and a good value on top of that. Now when I am out shopping, say I see a pair of shoes that look like they would match an outfit, I no longer have to lament the fact I don't have the outfit with me to check the color match. I just whip out my swatches and know right away whether something will match my new post-color analysis outfits! Thanks for all you do for your customers.

Pat, Pittsford, NY

Thanks to Kerry’s color, pattern and design style recommendations, my shopping experiences are much more focused, effective and enjoyable!! I shop with confidence knowing that the items I invest in, will be worn. Oh, and I have things to wear that I feel great in!

I just wanted to tell you how much money I am saving by not buying just anything. You have really made me stop and think before I buy. Thank you so much

Constance, Rochester, NY

Hi Kerry, next month it will be 2 years since my color analysis, and so much has changed. I love your cosmetics line. It seems like I spent most of my adult life searching for the perfect lip color, and now I have a whole selection of perfect colors to wear every day. I am so glad I met you and did the color analysis. It was life changing. I remember leaving your studio and going shopping, feeling a bit dazed at the thought of no more black. Now I have a closet full of light summer colors to work with. It’s helped me dress more age appropriate, and I don’t have to try so hard to look good. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Catherine, Rochester, NY

Kerry, my expectations were more than met! Your knowledge on the subject is exceptional and your patience and kindness made me very comfortable. I was feeling so confident afterwards that I went shopping immediately to try out my new knowledge... I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I have always been intimidated by clothing and NEVER felt that I made the right choices. I might now actually enjoy looking for clothes as eliminating the colors that are wrong for me makes it so much easier.

Donna, Teacher, Irondequoit, NY

Hi Kerry, I went shopping today & "Bright Spring" colors have arrived!!! I bought lots of beautiful bright colors in coral, greens, violet & fuchsia, including some prints which normally scare me to death! My eyes completely went where they were supposed to while shopping & I was SO much less distracted by things that are not right for me. What a waste of time & money to look at every item in the store, in case I miss something, or like a style but all the colors are wrong for me. I spent about a third of the time shopping than I normally would- how wonderful!! That swatch fan is now like my wallet or keys... I will never leave home without it!!

You were absolutely right about "needing permission" to wear the colors that are right for you, when they normally feel so out of the comfort zone. Now, I will buy & wear with confidence!

Elizabeth, Brow Specialist, Rochester NY


Wear Less Makeup

I’ve never worn less makeup since getting my colors done

Amy, Jeweler, Rochester, NY

I am loving my new colors! Finally I can wear lipstick and my husband isn't scared of me!

Molly, Ayurveda Practitioner, Rochester, NY

Hi, Kerry. I had the best time getting my analysis!! It was fascinating! My husband loved the new look with my new make-up! I cannot believe how little I need once I have the right foundation and I love that I look more natural and less made up. I also got my hair done as you suggested. I am so happy with your advice. Thank-you so much for helping me to get out of my default rut. I feel ten years younger!


Hi Kerry. My husband complained about the cost of getting my color analysis when I had it done, but now he is absolutely sold on what you did for me. And he loves the lipstick color

Nora, Rochester, NY

I had such a great time and learned so much at my color analysis. Prior to my appointment, I was worried that knowing my color palette would limit my choices. I have found that shopping is actually easier...the make-up analysis was my "aha" moment. I always felt like I didn't know how to apply make-up...Kerry walked me through the color and type of foundation that makes me look natural. I finally feel like I can apply make-up that enhances my natural look. It really is an eye-opener! Thank you Kerry!

Kathy, Victor, NY


Use Natural, High Quality Products

I just wanted to tell you how much I have truly enjoyed my makeup. I love my colors and the purity of the makeup, it goes on so nicely. I have finally after a life time of searching found my colors and I always look well put together and feel pretty. What used to be a constant trip to the makeup counters and at the mercy of whom ever was behind them and bags of unused makeup has now come to an end. Now when I walk through a department store and they ask to do my makeup they say OH, your makeup is perfect and beautiful and I just smile. I have no allergic reaction to your makeup. My family just keeps asking if I have had a facelift or something they can't figure it out. Please keep doing the great work you are doing. I love my color fan too. Everything in my closet works together, no more clothes that just sit there unused because they don't work. The money I save is great and my confidence in what I purchase is empowering and saves so much time. I have never found any other company that really does all you do. Thank you again for everything.

Carrie, Irvine CA

I was at my dermatologist the other day and she was in awe at how well my makeup looked and covered my face, especially with my Vitaligo. She couldn't believe it! She asked if I would have you reach out to her so she could refer her other patience to you! Needless to say, I will always be using your makeup!

Cathy, Warm Spring

I can't say enough good things about the swatch fan and the makeup. I look younger, and people have been noticing. AND...I can wear the eye makeup all day without itchy, teary eyes. Thank you so much for your products. I hope you're around for a very long time, as you have a dedicated, long term customer here.

Sher, “finally finding my beauty at 55”

I love my cashmere topper! I can dress it up or down and wear it in variety of ways I get lots of compliments - as it offers a different and unique style than a basic cardigan or jacket. It is feminine and colorful. I have three and will be working hard to determine what color to buy next. They are so versatile and fun.... and easy to pack and store. Glad I found them. Now collecting them for my friends.

Katie, Bank Executive, Wilmington DE


Create a Wardrobe that works

Hi Kerry – I thought you would enjoy this: I was just complimented on my outfit by a colleague, who herself has a good sense of style. I now own many (many!) fewer items of clothing than I used to, but I love each and every piece, and they work together in so many different combinations!

Heather, Rochester, NY

Kerry, I spent part of the day today taking everything that's not right out of my closet. As I looked at the things I was taking out, I couldn't remember when I had worn most of them last. Except for the blacks, which has been a constant in my wardrobe, the rest of it was clearly mistakes. We had a great time and I'm excited to simplify my wardrobe. I love the way my closet looks right now. It's filled with nothing but great colors. Thanks for making this all so much fun.

Amy, Rochester, NY

Hi Kerry, You have changed my life!!! It has completely changed how I shop and get dressed. I went on a huge shopping spree and now my closet is almost all light summer. What a difference I feel so much better and it’s so much easier getting ready. It really was the best investment I have ever made! I just cannot thank you enough, and the make-up is perfect

Lorraine, Professional Organizer, Rochester, NY

Thank you VERY much! LOVE the color palette. This is not to be thought of as a "limiting" exercise/way of looking at dressing and accessorizing. Yesterday, I wore an outfit that has always been in my closet, but that I just never knew was there, because I never put the ensemble together, before - never previously thought to put the clothes/items together in the way that I did yesterday; so, yesterday, rather than my colors limiting me, they actually expanded my clothing selections. It's great! You are marvelous at what you do.

Janean, Teacher, Williamstown MA

As a male, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I want you to know I’m very happy with the results and you really exceeded my expectations. You really opened my eyes to why I only like to wear half the clothes in my closet, even though sales people in stores said they looked great. In truth, half of what I wore looked right on other people but felt off on me. Now I understand why and I don’t make the mistake anymore of buying or wearing clothes I don’t really like. Know anyone who needs six pairs of tan khakis?

Stephen, Corporate Executive, Rochester, NY


Enjoy an Amazing Experience

Thank you Kerry, I truly appreciate everything you did for me. I am having so much fun with my Bright Spring palette! I did some shopping on my way home and picked up a couple simple tee's in my new colors (even a pink) and what a difference they make. The make-up you suggested is great, especially the eyes. What I was doing before made me look tired. Again, thank you. You are the best at what you do and a real role model for looking and feeling great!


We had a blast and will be changing our wardrobes accordingly. The whole experience is unique, very informational, and great fun to do with family or a few friends. You are very good at what you do. It was the best mother's day event I can remember.

Judy, Palmyra, NY

Hi Kerry, Thank you, thank you so much for a job well done! You are focused, patient, very thorough and just lovely. There was a vast amount of information there. I finally feel at peace. 30 years of trying to get it right! I am looking forward to not wasting another cent. I also look forward to having a very workable and fun wardrobe without questioning myself if it is correct. I also look forward to a diminished lipstick drawer!

Joanne, Vancouver

Hi Kerry. I wanted to thank you for your time and patient tutelage. The valuable information you provided during the analysis session will be of tremendous benefit while I'm in the job market and provide increased confidence in my personal life. Seeing what a profound effect different color choices can have on the way a person looks was a meaningful experience for me and I'm grateful to you for providing it.

Dan, Buffalo, NY

Hi Kerry! I can speak for all of us when I say we had a delightful time with you in the studio on Saturday. I found the color analysis to be a truly educational and "eye-opening" experience. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun and I think we all will enjoy making future clothing purchases in the most flattering colors for our skin types. I've already told several girlfriends and hopefully they will soon be enjoying your warm hospitality and professionalism.

Paige, Teacher, Windsor, CT


Travel Light

As a male, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I want you to know I’m very happy with the results and you really exceeded my expectations. You really opened my eyes to why I only like to wear half the clothes in my closet, even though sales people in stores said they looked great. In truth, half of what I wore looked right on other people but felt off on me. Now I understand why and I don’t make the mistake anymore of buying or wearing clothes I don’t really like. Know anyone who needs six pairs of tan khakis?

Stephen, Corporate Executive, Rochester, NY

For my last journey of two months, I carried only one suitcase and a small daypack.  Fellow travelers ask how such a variety of clothes can emerge from such small bags.  Situated with my Cool Summer capsule, I pity those burdened by their large suitcases especially since they mostly contain only variations of black, white or beige.  

Miriam, 74, World Traveler

Color Harmony Tool for Artistst

Having the knowledge of your seasonal tone is invaluable. Kerry has arranged a system of color that not only expedites and reaffirms when shopping for apparel; but improves life and style by surrounding individuals in hues that harmonize. For me her curated palates have found even more value as they have found their way into the formulation of advertisements, paintings, and other creative works as ready-made guides.

Adam, Artist, Rochester, NY

Hi Kerry, Thank you for your wonderful explanations and help in helping me with my colors. It has re-tuned me to paying attention to the color harmony that I use with my painting. It' easy to get off track sometimes and then you wonder why things aren't in tune. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you.

Sue, Artist, Albuquerque, NM


About Kerry

Thank you so much for the appointment yesterday for my daughter. You are absolutely terrific, very clear, empathetic, instructional. And beside it being a valuable experience, it is such a pleasure to interact with you and learn from you

Ruth, Professor Ithaca, NY