Cashmere Ponchos Soft Autumn


The Indigo Tones 100% cashmere ponchos are a great way to add a little color to your wardrobe! The soft, comfortable and lightweight texture make them the perfect travel companion all year long.  

They are so versatile and can be worn as a traditional poncho, topper, shawl, scarf or wrap - endless options make them an essential in your closet and the perfect gift.

Six gorgeous colors are available for Soft Autumn. Color options change each season so be sure to add to your collection when your favorite colors are available.  

One size fits all - 20" front by 25" back.  Made in USA.

"I love my cashmere poncho! I can dress it up or down and wear it in variety of ways. If I wear it with the "V" in front - I can really do some fun stuff with jewelry. I get lots of compliments as it offers a different and unique style than a basic cardigan or jacket.  I have three and will be working hard to determine what color to buy next. They are so versatile and fun.... and easy to pack and store. Glad I found them. Now collecting them for my friends! " Katie, Wilmington DE