Colorful Lives, Dark Winter Meg Casebolt

November 30, 2022 4 min read

Indigo Tones Colorful Lives Blog for December featuring Dark Winter Meg Casebolt

It is my pleasure to introduce Dark Winter, Meg Casebolt, founder of Love At First Search, an agency that guides small online business owners, especially female entrepreneurs in creating search friendly websites and strategic content. She helps her clients to optimize how they show up in search results in Google, Youtube, etc - Search Engine Optimization.

For years, I had heard from many colleagues that I needed to seek out the services of the world's "Queen of SEO". I was so inspired when I finally connected with Meg and shocked to learn she was located right in my hometown of Rochester, NY. She's fun and down to earth and easy to place your trust in with her exceptional knowledge of how the internet search world works. 

I learned to start by identifying the core essence of my business, to choose visuals and words that would be send out a clear message in an appealing way and how use all the tools to help viewers see me clearly and navigate around my site effortlessly. It is so similar to how I help my clients understand their coloring and style and how to authentically maximize a natural look in the simplest, most streamlined way. Meg and I both help our clients to be seen!

Read more about Meg's journeys with her color analysis and how it has influenced her online image.

Growing up in the 80s, my mom had "had her colors done" at a color party, and she knew that she was a "winter" ... and both of us knew that we weren't the same (she has light hazel eyes whereas mine are dark brown) and that I looked overwhelmed in colors that were too bright (like vivid pinks, which look great on her).

I think because we didn't know, and my eyes were brown, we sort of just assumed that brown = autumn ... but I look awful in oranges! So for all this time, I just felt confused and sorta bleh.

Then I met Kerry, through some colleagues and decided to give color analysis a try. Kerry explained that there aren't four palettes but twelve, and my mind was a little bit blown. We went through the color analysis process, and went back  and forth a bit between Dark Winter and Dark Autumn to see the difference--that I actually did belong in the winters! My dark hair/eyes and fair skin tone looked great in the darker end of the Winter group.

Turns out my mom and I are both winters but I'm Dark and she's Bright - while she can be bold in her choices (those magentas and ceruleans that I thought disqualified me from Winter because they were too bold for me) whereas I choose richer tones (I can pull off burgundy and forest like nobody's business). 

So what does this mean for me?

For years, I was highlighting my hair, trying to make myself feel less dark, more glowing ... but the warm, gold tones of the highlights ended up looking brassy against my cool skin. But after my color analysis, I decided to embrace the darker, bolder tones that look best on me. It even gave me the courage to do something I'd always wanted to do but didn't think I could pull off: dye my hair purple! (Yes, I brought my swatches with me to the hair stylist, Andrea Bonawitz who thankfully is already familiar with Kerry's work!)

 Dark Winter Meg Casebolt before and after with purple highlights

I'm also way more likely to lean into a bold lipstick choice -- I used to think going too dark would overpower me and make me look washed out, but I've found that the right tone can actually bring my face to life! And switching my blush from a warmer peachy color to the Indigo Tones plum blush made a huge difference too.

 Dark Winter Meg Casebolt in bold red lip color

I also took some time to purge all the old "autumn" clothes out of my closet, to make room for more black, eggplant, burgundy and teal not only makes it easier to find complimentary options in my closet, but I know that everything I reach for will feel more "right." Plus I've never loved clothes shopping, so now that I know what I'm looking for, I can pretty much skip the mall during the seasons when the stores will be pushing other color palettes and feel ok with only shopping around the holidays.

I think the biggest difference for me is how I show up on my YouTube channel. 

 Meg Casebolt Dark Winter Blog Feature

Before the color analysis, I felt like I had to have a different shirt color and changes to my makeup for like, every video, so I would look like I was creating fresh content. But somewhere down the line, I realized that the darker shadow and bolder lip could just be part of the visual brand ... and I stopped changing my shirts and just switched to almost always recording in a black shirt, so it didn't distract from the topic or become one more thing I have to plan. And now it feels like the darker palette is just ME -- if I were to show up in something too peachy or pinky, people might be like, "what happened to the bold red?"
Meg Casebolt in black and dark winter lipstick
I also keep a black shirt, dangly necklace and dark lipstick right next to my desk, so if I have to hop on a Zoom call quickly, I can still look put together without needing to stress about how to make myself look polished quickly. 


Meg Casebolt in black with dangly necklace

While Kerry was explaining the whole process, I found myself thinking of the fantasy romance series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, in which the heroine Feyre finds herself in the Spring Court surrounded by light colored peonies and white roses, and never quite feels at home. Then she is kidnapped into the Night Court, where she embraces her own darkness as part of her beauty, and it's there where she finds her home. 

My color analysis, and newfound identity as a Dark Winter, gave me permission to let go of the feeling that I need to be light and soft and muted to be beautiful. There are plenty of people who do well with light and soft ... but I'm not one of them. My strength comes in my boldness, and embracing the darkness gave me the ironic permission to truly shine.

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