Cool Summer Romantic Earrings

Antique Silver Circle with Faceted Vintage Glass Weaving. Approx 1.5" long with sterling silver ear wires

Jewelry Designer Sara Silvio shares a passion for color harmony with Kerry and together they have curated collections exclusively for Indigo Tones Cool Summer clients.

"The jewelry that I create aligns with these seasons, from the gem stones to the metals. The language of color analysis infused into jewelry design is one of my favorite languages of love. When we feel comfortable and beautiful in who we naturally are, it helps us to become the best version of ourselves and really shine."

Sara has studied, practiced and taught jewelry making since she was in her teens. It’s been a journey that’s taken her from learning the gem-buying trade in San Francisco to leading classes for women in Manhattan to running her studio in Rochester, New York. She hand-picks the highest quality materials from all over the globe to create her distinctive pieces.

Handmade in USA

"I love having my clothing all in harmony, accented with jewelry from Sara Silvio. Her designs are everyday pieces and coordinate easily with my Cool Summer wardrobe (all silver for me!). It is now so simple to create style and comfort bringing me a sense of confidence, beauty and femininity.”   Lori, Cool Summer