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Sci Art Certified
Kerry is a certified Color Analyst and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International
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your color analysis consultation

A personal color analysis consultation is very individualized and fine tuned based on a series of scientific tests using colored hand boards and drapes. It is not possible to accurately determine a person's colors simply by looking at her, or having her answer questions about her color preferences or favorite colors. There are thousands of colors, and some might appear to be the same, but their visual effect on us can be dramatically different.

what to expect at a color consultation

A color consultation at Indigo Tones usually requires about an hour an a half. When 2 or more come for their analysis together, I do the analysis as a group experience. It's more fun and educational, and only takes a bit more time. Clients are asked to remove eyeglasses, cosmetics & tinted contact lenses and hair is covered if it has been color treated. 

When the analysis is complete, I recommend harmonious tones for clothing, hair, and cosmetics. Cosmetics are the finishing touch for looking natural and pulled together and radiant, not "made up."

Clients are asked to bring cosmetics to the consultation and I evaluate them to determine which create balance and harmony, and which could be replaced with better shades.

color analysis draping


cost of a color consultation

The cost of a color consultation at Indigo Tones is $250 for women and $200 for men. Discount pricing of $200 each is offered for groups of 2 or 3.

Included in your color consultation:

color analysis with a friend is fun!

Bring a friend – it's a blast!

"I found the color analysis to be a truly educational and "eye-opening" experience.  We had a lot of fun.  Hopefully , several of my girlfriends will soon be enjoying your warm hospitality and professionalism."  Paige, Teacher, Windsor, CT
" I colored my hair as you recommended and after I saw myself as a senior in high school - I was shocked! Every one at work said I looked great but could not nail down what was different. My best friend and husband noticed immediately and really like the color. What a great job you have - helping people look and feel good. It is a gift. Anna, Oncology Nurse, Rochester, NY